How to get great curb appeal

Be sure to trim up any shrubs or bushes that may be blocking any windows. This allows a prospective buyer to see the entire home and will go a long way.

Adding greenery make your home look more appealing. You can buy or re purpose big planters and fill with tall greenery and colorful flowers.

Pressure wash your home and decks. You would be surprised at what we don’t notice. Pressure washing will give a nice refresh. You could also paint, if you have resources to do that. Painting also a great pick me up for your home and worth it if you can afford to do it.

Add a pop of color to your front door. It can be a fearlessly painted door or you can even add flowers and decor near the door. Make sure to knock down any cobwebs and dirt. You want it to look as tidy and welcoming as possible. You can change out hardware and even add a porch swing, if you have the space. Make it interesting, specifically if the rest of your home is bland or boring. You can also add window boxes. The contrast will pay off.

If you have cracks in your walkway or are missing blocks, redo your walkway. You could also line the walkway with flowers. This is an instant fix.

Upgrade your porch light(s). This one easy fix can undoubtedly transform your home. Modern or classic looks are great choices. Rustic is great for brick. The choices are simply limited by your imagination.

Also, since you have come this far, do not forget to update your mailbox or mow the lawn. You don’t want to put attention on your home to make it look nice and then neglect the lawn.

Good luck on your projects!